Help Center about Sitemap Directory

General Questions

1What is the Sitemap Directory ?
This is a new and powerful SEO project for all websites with any language and life.
2How it works??
Backlink to the hearth of your website (Sitemap) is the main goal of this project.
3My Website language is not to English, Can I submit?
Yes all websites to any language can have it's own page in sitemap directory. Right to Left or Left to right language...
4How much is the membership time?
Minimum membership time is one year, but you can order 2 years and more
5من پرسش به زبان فارسی دارم
لطفا سایت فارسی پروژه سایت مپ دایرکتوری را ببینید:

Renewal Questions

1How much is the renewal cost for next year??
It is depended to your service plan. ORIGINAL plan is our standard plan. You must upgrade your other plan to ORIGINAL after first year. All members will pay ORIGINAL cost for life time.
2Vestibulum ante ipsum cursus pulvinar?
Ut fermentum ante ipsum primis in nunc. Nulla vehicula magna diam, viverra diam aliquet mi quam in ligula nunc, dapibus tellus. Vestibulum nibh. Fusce congue. Donec faucibus orci luctus elit, gravida varius nec, mattis vel, orci. In urna. Suspendisse turpis egestas. Mauris auctor dignissim. Vivamus magna. Etiam varius et.
3Nulla lobortis mauris pulvinar felis pellentesque?
Praesent justo. Nulla lobortis mauris pulvinar felis, feugiat mattis vel, ornare tellus. Suspendisse eu dui vitae ornare eleifend adipiscing non, neque. Etiam ullamcorper, risus eu mi. Fusce sed felis. Mauris in faucibus ligula. Nam sed adipiscing sapien aliquet molestie. Phasellus tellus nec diam. Sed eu odio.

Payment Questions

1How can I pay the service cost??
We accept Malaysian bank payments, Payza, Web Money, Rial Currency
2Can I pay from other countries bank to your account?
Yes you can. You can send with Swift
3Can I pay 2 years cost?
Yes you can. We have good offer for all customers who trust us and pay 2 years cost. This is good for you to save your page to don't forget to renew.

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