How to create a XML sitemap for your website? This is the most important question for a webmaster. New webmasters pay not attention to having a sitemap, but all new and old webmasters must have a sitemap if looking for high rate and top rank in Google, Bing, Alexa and all search engine websites.

In this page you will learn ho

w to create a sitemap for your website.

Sitemap for all CMS

How to create a xml sitemap for cms? how to create a xml sitemap How to create a xml sitemap for your website? xml sitemap for CMS

How to create a xml sitemap for CMS?


Content management system (CMS ) is a tools (Script) which you can create a dynamic website. There are many free (open source) and premium CMS which you can use them to design and create a dynamic webpage.

wordpress, joomla, PhpNuke, Drupal, Xoops, Tw-cms, open cart (shopping script) , e107 are name of some CMSs. With a CMS script you can create professional website, Create page and content, edit or delete … I mean you can have full access and full control on all sections of your website.

You must use and install some plugins to have a professional and better website. Each CMS has it own plugin. Sitemap creator plugin is the most important tools for a webmaster. For example wordpress CMS has many plugins to create a sitemap like Google XML Sitemap , Yoast SEO and etc.

XML sitemap for static webpages

Do you have a static website? First we advise you redesign your website with a CMS script to have top page rank on search engine.But if you don’t want do it to any reason we will learn here how to create an XML sitemap for static website.

You must create a XML sitemap with URL for each page and post.

There are many websites on internet as online tools which you can create your own XML sitemap. You just need to search one of these keywords on Google : online sitemap creator | sitemap Generator | XML sitemap creator | free sitemap creator and other keywords

But you may select the hard way and want to create your XML sitemap with your hand. to creating a sitemap firt you must find your all pages URL, your domain URL (Initial website address) is your first and main URL in your sitemap which must give top priority to it ( priority 1 ). contact us page, product page, articles page are the other pages must give top priority to them.

Now you must open a notepad file and save it to name of sitemap.xml

so paste these codes inside of the file:

<!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?-->

<!-- created with -->
always 0.80
always 0.80
always 0.80

Your XML sitemap code starts with

<pre><!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?-->


and end to

To adding a new URL to your sitemap page you must add this lines before above code

your webpage URL

We have created a XML sitemap sample for you.

Download XML sitemap sample

You need to edit it with the any editor program like Notepad ++ . You can edit all URLs and also add new pages according the sample.

Now you need to upload your XML sitemap on root of your website host which is public_HTML in Linux servers and Linux hosting .

Please note you need to sitemap URL to join

Improve your site’s visibility in Google and other search engines by submitting your XML Sitemaps in .

By Sitemap Directory Project

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