Which CMS is the best? why wordpress

Which CMS is the best? why wordpress is the best Content Management System? Many times ago websites were static and HTML. There was not more control on content, templates and etc… But know we have a best website management tools which called CMS.We have full control on our website, can design a responsive website and more than one webmaster can edit and update the website. CMS made easy the work and everybody with minimum information about web design can create and manage a website. There are many CMS in the world to any languages.But this is the question that Which CMS is the best? Some individual or companies want to have a dedicated CMS but we don’t recommend it to many reason in this article. We recommend customize wordpress to have a professional website. Why wordpress? It is open source. If you read the news, will now the best website or scripts can hack less than one minutes! I mean a dedicated CMS have many bugs but wordpress is an open source CMS an…
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